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CHEM 3331: Organic Chemistry II Lecture with Professor Tim Minger

Tim Minger

This lecture meets remotely, MTWRF 9:25-11:00 AM.

211MWF11:20 AM-12:10 PMEKLC M2B66Maddie Walden
212MWF11:20 AM-12:10 PMRemoteMatthew McCoy
213MWF12:30 PM-1:20 PMEKLC M2B66Max Staab
214MWF12:30 PM-1:20 PMRemoteRuiheng Jing
221MWF2:50 PM-3:40 PMEKLC M2B66Tessa Myren
222MWF2:50 PM-3:40 PMRemoteSomnath Dutta
224MWF4:00 PM-4:50 PMRemoteMicah Ohlhausen

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