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CHEM 3341: Laboratory for Organic Chemistry II

This lab course is for biochemistry and non-chemistry majors. Chem 3341 is a continuation of Chem 3321, Organic Chemistry I Lab. The laboratory techniques learned in 3321 are used to carry out reactions in aromatic substitution, organometallic chemistry, oxidation and reduction chemistry, esterifications, aldol condensations, and Wittig chemistry. A significant portion of the semester is devoted to separating and determining the structure of unknown organic compounds, as well as verifying the identification of compounds synthesized in lab.

The course syllabus and TA office hours and emails are available on this website. Course documents will be posted on Canvas.

List of Sections

221Tue10:20 AM-1:10 PMEKLC M1B65Tessa Myren
223Tue1:50 PM-4:40 PMEKLC M1B65Tessa Myren
231Wed10:20 AM-1:10 PMEKLC M1B65Michael Stodolka
233Wed1:50 PM-4:40 PMEKLC M1B65Shea O'Sullivan
235Wed5:30 PM-8:20 PMremoteBrianna Callahan
241Thu10:20 AM-1:10 PMEKLC M1B65Shea O'Sullivan
243Thu1:50 PM-4:40 PMEKLC M1B65Hongxuan Chen
245Thu5:30 PM-8:20 PMremoteZepeng Lei
251Fri10:20 AM-1:10 PMremoteHongxuan Chen
253Fri1:50 PM-4:40 PMremoteZepeng Lei

Experiment Schedule

Tue Aug 24 - Fri Aug 27 Syllabus & NMR review (remote)
Tue Aug 31 - Fri Sep 314Check-In & Epoxidation of Cholesterol
Tue Sep 7 - Fri Sep 1015Diels-Alder Reaction
Tue Sep 14 - Fri Sep 1716Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
Tue Sep 21 - Fri Sep 2417Microscale Column Chromatography
Tue Sep 28 - Fri Oct 118Identification of Unknowns day 1
Tue Oct 5 - Fri Oct 818Identification of Unknowns day 2
Tue Oct 12 - Fri Oct 1519Reduction of Ketones
Tue Oct 19 - Fri Oct 2220Wittig Reaction
Tue Oct 26 - Fri Oct 2921Grignard Dyes
Tue Nov 2 - Fri Nov 522Liquid Crystals
Tue Nov 9 - Fri Nov 1223Fischer Esterification
Tue Nov 16 - Fri Nov 1924Aldol Condensation & Check-Out
Tue Nov 23 - Fri Nov 26 No labs
Tue Nov 30 - Fri Dec 3 Final quiz (remote)
Tue Dec 7 - Fri Dec 10 No labs