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CHEM 3341: Laboratory for Organic Chemistry II

This lab course is for biochemistry and non-chemistry majors. Chem 3341 is a continuation of Chem 3321, Organic Chemistry I Lab. The laboratory techniques learned in 3321 are used to carry out reactions in aromatic substitution, organometallic chemistry, oxidation and reduction chemistry, esterifications, aldol condensations, and Wittig chemistry. A significant portion of the semester is devoted to separating and determining the structure of unknown organic compounds, as well as verifying the identification of compounds synthesized in lab.

TA office hours and emails are posted here. Course documents will be posted on Canvas.

LabDayTimeLocationTATA Email
212TWR11:30 AM-2:20 PMEKLC M1B25Tessa MyrenTessa.Myren@Colorado.edu
213TWR11:30 AM-2:20 PMEKLC M1B35Tessa MyrenTessa.Myren@Colorado.edu
215TWR11:30 AM-2:20 PMremoteMicah OhlhausenMicah.Ohlhausen@Colorado.edu
216TWR11:30 AM-2:20 PMremoteSomnath DuttaSomnath.Dutta@Colorado.edu
221TWR3:00 PM-5:50 PMEKLC M1B20Maddie WaldenMadeline.Walden@Colorado.edu
222TWR3:00 PM-5:50 PMEKLC M1B25Max StaabMaxwell.Staab@Colorado.edu
223TWR3:00 PM-5:50 PMEKLC M1B35Matthew McCoyMatthew.S.Mccoy@Colorado.edu
225TWR3:00 PM-5:50 PMremoteRuiheng JingRuiheng.Jing@Colorado.edu