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CHEM 3381: Majors Laboratory for Organic Chemistry II

This lab course is for chemistry majors. Non-chemistry majors can also take this course if they wish. This course meets twice a week and is worth 2 credit hours.

This new version of CHEM 3381 is a continuation of the nonmajors organic 1 lab (CHEM 3321) and nonmajors organic 2 lab (CHEM 3341). Techniques learned in 3321/3341 are expanded upon in more detail, and new techniques are covered including new methods of characterization, microwave chemistry, large-scale column chromatography, and literature searches. Many new reactions are performed, including Grubbs metathesis and palladium coupling. The capstone project for this course is a four-week independent synthesis project chosen by the students, following a procedure from literature. You will write a paper about your synthesis and present your work to the class.

The course syllabus and TA office hours and emails are available on this website. Course documents will be posted on Canvas.

List of Sections

401Tue/Thu10:10 AM-1:00 PMEKLC M1B35Austin Bargmann

Experiment Schedule

Tue Aug 29 No labs
Thu Aug 31 Syllabus & NMR review (remote)
Tue Sep 525Check-In & Recrystallization of an Unknown
Thu Sep 726TLC of Reactions
Tue Sep 1227Advanced Spectroscopy
Thu Sep 1428Chemical Literature
Tue Sep 1929Computational Chemistry
Thu Sep 2130Isolation of Natural Products
Tue Sep 2631Large-Scale Column Chromatography (Start planning for synthesis projects)
Thu Sep 2832Alkyne Formation
Tue Oct 333Halogenation of Alkanes (Synthesis Proposal and Materials Request due)
Thu Oct 534Substitution Kinetics
Tue Oct 1035Oxidation of a Diol (set up for Grubbs)
Thu Oct 1236Grubbs Metathesis
Tue Oct 1737Palladium Coupling
Thu Oct 1938Aromatic Multistep Synthesis
Tue Oct 2439Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution
Thu Oct 2640Coumarin Dyes (set up for Frambinone)
Tue Oct 3141Synthesis of Frambinone, day 1
Thu Nov 241Synthesis of Frambinone, day 2
Tue Nov 742Multistep Synthesis Project, day 1
Thu Nov 942Multistep Synthesis Project, day 2
Tue Nov 1442Multistep Synthesis Project, day 3
Thu Nov 1642Multistep Synthesis Project, day 4
Tue Nov 21 No labs
Thu Nov 23 No labs
Tue Nov 2842Multistep Synthesis Project, day 5
Thu Nov 3042Multistep Synthesis Project, day 6
Tue Dec 542Multistep Synthesis Presentations
Thu Dec 742Multistep Synthesis Presentations, Final Quiz & Check-Out
Tue Dec 12 No labs
Thu Dec 14 No labs