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CHEM 3381: Majors Laboratory for Organic Chemistry II

This lab course is for chemistry majors. Biochemistry majors are encouraged, but not required, to take this course. Non-chemistry majors can also take this course if they wish. This course meets twice a week and is worth 2 credit hours.

CHEM 3381 covers some of the same material as does CHEM 3341, as well as a Wittig reaction, a Grubbs metathesis, an aromatic multi-step synthesis lab that covers three lab periods, and synthesis of frambinone that uses aldol condensation and catalytic hydrogenation. CHEM 3381 also includes two independent projects: one week of natural product isolation, and three weeks of a synthesis project.

The course syllabus and TA office hours and emails are available on this website. Course documents will be posted on Canvas.

List of Sections

401Tue/Thu10:20 AM-1:10 PMEKLC M1B35Shaofeng Huang

Experiment Schedule

Thu Aug 26 Syllabus & NMR review (remote)
Tue Aug 317Check-In & Recrystallization
Thu Sep 28Distillation
Tue Sep 727Advanced Spectroscopy
Thu Sep 928Chemical Literature
Tue Sep 1429Computational Chemistry
Thu Sep 1613Oxidation of Alcohols
Tue Sep 2114Epoxidation of Cholesterol
Thu Sep 2317Microscale Column Chromatography
Tue Sep 2815Diels-Alder Reaction
Thu Sep 3018Identification of Unknowns day 1
Tue Oct 518Identification of Unknowns day 2
Thu Oct 716Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
Tue Oct 1231Large-Scale Column Chromatography
Thu Oct 1419Reduction of Ketones (ID of Unknowns paper due)
Tue Oct 1920Wittig Reaction (Start preparing for Multistep Synthesis Projects)
Thu Oct 2121Grignard Dyes (Prepare for Grubbs)
Tue Oct 2636Grubbs Metathesis (Project proposal & materials request due)
Thu Oct 2837Palladium Coupling
Tue Nov 222Liquid Crystals
Thu Nov 423Fischer Esterification
Tue Nov 942Multistep Synthesis Project, day 1
Thu Nov 1142Multistep Synthesis Project, day 2
Tue Nov 1642Multistep Synthesis Project, day 3
Thu Nov 1842Multistep Synthesis Project, day 4
Tue Nov 23 No labs
Thu Nov 25 No labs
Tue Nov 3042Multistep Synthesis Project, day 5
Thu Dec 242Multistep Synthesis Project, day 6
Tue Dec 742Multistep Synthesis Presentations; checkout
Thu Dec 9 Final quiz (remote)