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CHEM 3321: Laboratory for Organic Chemistry I

This lab course is for biochemistry and non-chemistry majors. A large part of Chem 3321 is spent learning techniques in organic chemistry, including TLC, distillation, extraction, crystallization, and IR spectroscopy. Once these techniques are mastered, they are employed in the final four labs of the semester. Two laboratory periods are devoted to working with molecular models sets to study nomenclature, conformational analysis, and stereochemistry.

The course syllabus and TA office hours and emails are available on this website. Course documents will be posted on Canvas.

List of Sections

111TWR1:00 pm-3:50 pmEKLC M1B20Cameron Lee
112TWR1:00 pm-3:50 pmEKLC M1B25Timothy Davis
113TWR1:00 pm-3:50 pmEKLC M1B35Mia Muse
114TWR1:00 pm-3:50 pmEKLC M1B65Kyle Fisch

Experiment Schedule

Tue Jun 6 No labs
Wed Jun 71Syllabus, Check-In, Lab Safety & IR Spectroscopy
Thu Jun 82NMR Spectroscopy
Tue Jun 133NMR Quiz; Modeling Conformations, ChemDraw & Excel
Wed Jun 144Practical NMR
Thu Jun 155Thin Layer Chromatography and Melting Point
Tue Jun 206Extraction
Wed Jun 217/8Recrystallization (111/112), Distillation (113/114)*
Thu Jun 227/8Recrystallization (113/114), Distillation (111/112)*
Tue Jun 279Modeling Chirality & Cycloalkanes
Wed Jun 2810Stereochemistry of Alkene Additions
Thu Jun 2911Regiochemistry of Eliminations
Tue Jul 4 No labs
Wed Jul 512Oxidation of Alcohols
Thu Jul 6 Final Quiz & Check-Out

* Note: for people in lab sections 113 and 114, these two experiments will be done in reverse order (Exp. 8, then Exp. 7) to minimize wait times for the GCs.