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CHEM 3331-100: Organic Chemistry II Lecture with Professor Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang

This lecture meets MWF 9:00-9:50 AM in HALE 270.

135W1:00 PM-1:50 PMEKLC M2B36Lacey Wayment
136W2:00 PM-2:50 PMEKLC M2B36Zepeng Lei
137W3:00 PM-3:50 PMEKLC M2B36Lacey Wayment
141R9:00 AM-9:50 AMEKLC M2B36Shaofeng Huang
142R10:00 AM-10:50 AMEKLC M2B36Michael Ortiz
143R11:00 AM-11:50 AMEKLC M2B36Hongxuan Chen
144R12:00 PM-12:50 PMEKLC M2B36Lacey Wayment

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